Nutrition & Dietetic Consultant 

Ingrid Schloss

Bsc. Micro Med Nutrition & Dietetics, RD

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Mobile: +27 83 712 2850


About Ingrid

Whether you are well and want to stay that way, or you want to achieve your highest potential through mindful eating, or you need guidance for any nutrition related condition …..spend some time with the experienced resident Nutrition and Dietetic Consultant at the Cape Town Medi-Spa.

Ingrid Schloss [Bsc. Micro Med Nutrition & Dietetics, RD] is a Nutrition Consultant and Coach with a postgraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and more than 19 yrs of experience in various fields of nutrition including gut health. She is able to draw on her years as a clinical therapist in the United Kingdom and as a lecturer, researcher and Acting Head in the Division of Nutrition at the University of Cape Town.

Ingrid has also journeyed and gained insight into a broader approach to health and wellness, whether this has been through personal experience; interactions with various health/wellness practitioners or through the wisdom of her patients themselves.

She consequently decided to leave academia and now runs a part-time private consultancy at the Cape Town Medi-Spa where she embraces a more holistic and integrated approach to nutrition and its benefits, in health and disease. 

The rest of the time Ingrid consults for numerous intensive care units in hospitals around Cape Town area, including the bone marrow transplant unit at Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic.

She has also had the privilege of working together with various other practitioners in the facility which supports her philosophy that approaching the system as a whole, from various aspects, provides a more complete healing experience.

Her deep respect for individual life- philosophies contributes to her belief that nutrition plays a pivotal role that varies with each person’s specific needs. Ingrid hopes that by sharing this, she may be able to empower recipients to make informed choices about managing their lifestyle appropriately in order to achieve optimal health.

Services offered by Ingrid

Are you interested in?

*  Ensuring you make the most of your nutritional intake as a vital part of your


*  Nutrition that suits your own particular life philosophy, recognises your

    individual needs and lifestyle?

*   Nutrition that helps prevent disease and keeps you well?


 Come for an individualized assessment of your diet and physique followed by

 an appropriate guide on how to improve this in a way that best suits you.

Receive guidance on how to incorporate nutrition in  : 

  • Digestive Disorders ?– main area of speciality and expertise  [Ranging from  functional bowel disturbances, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, cramping, as well as all other clinical disorders such as coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) and lactose intolerance. Also  diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, liver and pancreatic concerns, post-intestinal surgery (e.g. stomas) or any other disorder of the gut and/or related organs]
  •  Eating Disorders?
  •  Diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance?
  •  High Cholesterol, hypertension?
  •  Managing your weight?
  •  Cancer, its effects and its treatment?
  •  Post-surgical recovery?
  •  Organ disease of any kind [e.g.. Kidney]?
  •  Food Allergy or intolerance?
  •  Neurological disorder [e.g.. Multiple sclerosis]?
  •  Any other condition e.g.. Chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia
  •  Whether you are a sportsman, workaholic or just want to make the most of your potential, in any area, learn how to optimise your performance by optimising your diet.
  • If you need a better understanding of vegetarianism; cellulite & detoxing, how to eat well for two; to combat stress; how to make sense of all the alternative eating patterns and which vitamin to take for what, then  discuss it with Ingrid so you can make informed choices.
  • Any other nutrition related concern.