Certified Intergral Coach

Abby Malan

Certified Integral Coach™ 

BA, BSc(OT), BSc(Psych)

Contact Details:

Email: abby@feather.co.za

Mobile: +27 (0) 82 770 8176

 Work: +27 21 422 5140

About Me

As a Professional Certified Integral Coach™, I draw from a rich tapestry of methodologies to develop a customized approach for each unique client.  

With formal qualifications in psychology, mental health and business I have, over the past 15 years, focused my professional development in Coaching and Facilitation and have studied with both Integral Coaching Canada and the Tavistock Consultancy in the UK.

Examples of current and recent clients include Investec Private Bank, Coronation Fund Managers, UCT Graduate School of Business, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, The Clothing Bank, Tourvest Travel Services, and Johnson & Johnson International.

My preference is to coach individuals in leadership roles who are at a point in their career and personal life where they are asking questions of themselves that can be addressed in a coaching relationship. I am inspired by the growth and change I facilitate in individuals. My clients respect me for creating a safe and open space that enables them to achieve outcomes that deeply matter.

Rooted in my own commitment to living with personal integrity and authenticity, as a coach my aim is to enable people to grow and advance the health, meaning and integrity of their lives, in and outside the workplace.

I am originally from the West Coast of Canada and have been a permanent South African resident living in Cape Town for the past 11 years. I am a mother of two young daughters and am married to a South African. In my free time I enjoy trail running and mountain biking in the forests of Cape Town, yoga and sea kayaking. My intention is to, as much as possible, maintain a healthy balance in my life.

Coaching and Facilitation Approach

Integral Coaching®, Carl Jung’s Depth Psychology and the Tavistock Process Approach underlie my work as a coach and a facilitator, which I combine with my qualifications and experience in business, psychology and mental health. Integral Coaching® is a discipline that enables clients to become more aware of their current approach to situations, to see new possibilities and then build sustainable new competencies to achieve outcomes that deeply matter to them. Rather than ‘out with the old and in with the new’ the Integral method recognises that a client’s current way of being never entirely goes away but rather that aspects of it live on inside the clients next level of development…a ‘transcend and include’ model of coaching.

As an Integral Coach™ I aim to understand how my client has been approaching their coaching topic prior to seeing me. Together we identify and work with long-standing patterns while building my client’s ability to move in different directions since both occur at the same time. Through this approach we develop greater conscious recognition of a past way of being and in doing so we loosen it’s grip. Simultaneously we create new ways of moving forward. As a client comes to see her/himself more objectively they are able to shift quite radically into healthier, more productive, and more expanded ways of being in their life.

Depth Work is about working below the surface of behavior to better understand why people behave in certain ways. The role and purpose of depth work is to understand the possibilities hidden in people, to determine or discover the processes by which they unfold, and to develop practical procedures with which to broaden people’s growth.

The Tavistock approach involves working with the hidden dimensions of organisational life and assisting people to see the links between the different layers of the system.